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April 18, 2016

"Right children, today you are going to write an amazing story about the scariest thing you have ever seen. You are going to use action verbs and extend your ideas by going into great detail. After, you will re-craft your writing and try and squeeze extra words, rewritten sentences and spelling amongst your already written story. Once you're all complete you are going to completely rewrite your story on a computer so it can be published. We will print it out and stick it into our class book. This will take around three weeks. Now go to it!"

Why not let the child type up their writing directly onto the computer? We don't need to ask our kids to rewrite their writing over and over again. We don't, we use a computer. 


And the majority of people are using computers in their day to day job. Why, because they increase productivity. Lets prepare our children for this. There will still be plenty of other areas the children need to use the mighty pen. 


If you use Google Docs, re-crafting their writing can be very powerful by the children and the teacher using the 'suggesting tool'. just click on the small pencil on the right hand side. Every time the child or the teacher deletes, adds, changes, or checks their writing, it will show up as green. This allows the child and the teacher see what changes have been made.


Once the re-crafting and checking stage is complete, re-click on the pencil and click viewing and there you have the published version. Ready for you to post on a blog, make an ebook, google slide, poster or whatever else takes the child's fancy. 


Yes, they will be the slowest typer in the entire world at the beginning, but they will get faster. Productivity will go up, and the children will be able to spend more time writing.


Don't leave those computers in the corner taunting the children, let them use them!

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