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Keeping the Spark Alive

October 14, 2016

I woke up this morning with my four year old keen as mustard about Pokémon, ready to take on the task of making his Pokémon mask at day care that morning. It's something that a lot of daycares and preschools do really well, let a child's spark alight and make creativity their number one focus. 


I hope this will continue when he gets to primary school, and the teachers will encourage his creativity. 


The difficulty with primary and secondary is we have a lot of prescribed work that we must get through and usually by a certain time or date. This interferes with our children's creativity, as our programmes are very assessment focussed. 


Letting the child know what they have to learn by the end of the week and then enc


ouraging their creativity. 


                           By encouraging student agency. 


If my son goes to school and is really enthusiastic about Pokémon, why not incorporate that into your programme. Could he design and make his own cartoon?


Draw a new character on "Sketch" app. 


Write a story using google docs with this new character.


Create pictures to go alongside your story. 


Create an eBook using iBook's author, Google Slides, PowerPoint, book creator or lulu. 


Make a Pokémon mask, write a script about it, use a green screen and act out your script, put in Pokémon style backgrounds using iMovie or moviemaker.


There are lots of possibilities...


                                                     What ideas do you have?


                                                                                     Your children will have heaps of ideas as well...


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