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January 11, 2017

Let's throw out paper, give every child a device and just have everything on computer! I wouldn't quite do that…I don't think we're ready and there are a lot of places where paper is just easier, better and makes more sense. On the contrary, it works the same the other way as well. 


A few years ago, I almost did it. I decided to try and go digital, but it didn’t always work. I decided the children should have two folders, one with literacy and numeracy and one for inquiry.  The children bought lined pads as well as math's pads.  However, most of the time we used a computer. We introduced Chromebook's into the classroom and BYOD.


Each child had their own google drive account and when they needed to write something or complete a task, they would create a google doc, complete their work and share it with me. Honestly…it worked really well. In fact, I found the children worked so well, it was difficult to keep up with them. Writing especially went to another level. The children were able to create stories before re-crafting them not just once, but several times until they were at their best. When we went to publish them, they were all ready to go. So rather than spending the time rewriting in good copy, the time was spent on editing, checking, and reworking. 


Where the computer didn’t work so well, was in mathematics. Because it took the children too long to lay out their work. It's easier to quickly pull out a math's book, jot down their workings to come up with a solution. Or the children were working with materials, so the computer was obsolete. The computer came into place when they were playing a math's game, demonstrating an intention using my interactive board or using Google Earth for measurement for example. But general workings were completed in a math's book or pad. 


Let me know what you have found using a computer rather than paper. 


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