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January 17, 2017


It's amazing how Minecraft can revolutionize the classroom. It's graphics aren't great, its just all squares really, but this simple game can get children thinking and creating and building in their own digital world. 


Here's an example of how I used it. 


My syndicate had an overall topic of birds, which when I first thought about it, I was thinking about how my children going to find this interesting? Some people love birds, I like them, but I wanted the topic to engage my children and want them to delve deeper into thinking about birds. 


So I took my class down to the Orokonui Eco-sanctuary in Dunedin, a place where predators have been eradicated and a fence has been put up to keep these pests out. The sanctuary trip was fantastic. However, I wanted a follow-up to this trip. 


So what could we do as a class? Build our own Eco-sanctuaries in Minecraft! The children had to design them first, thinking about the animals they would be taking care of, what space they needed, and how they would keep out predators. 


The children took to the task quickly as they could not wait to get their eco-sanctuaries on Minecraft. There were some children that were so keen, they completed most of the Minecraft work at home. Some even placed a video of their sanctuaries on YouTube walking through the different spaces they had created. 


So take a look at Minecraft if you haven't already. Minecraft Education is a great place to start...https://education.minecraft.net/





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