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My Innovative Learning Environment Time Out!

July 24, 2017

My story about how I created an innovative learning space continues...



So I've just flipped my classroom, got rid of all traditional furniture and bought a whole lot of flash stuff, which looked awesome…yay! But to be honest, that really wasn't the big change in the classroom.

All my students were keen as mustard when they first came into the space, but boy did they get a shock when I changed how they've been taught for the last five years. I took away their precious timetable. The one that every kid relies upon to tell them what to do next. When I did this I realised how much we spoon-feed out students. We don't teach them enough to manage themselves because they don't have to.

"It's time for maths now children, now listen to this lesson, grab that sheet and go practise what you just learnt. And when you have finished that, here is 10 more sheets to keep you occupied until I have time to get back to your group. If you finish all that, there's all those maths games I spent teaching you at the beginning of the year."


So the shift I had to make was to teach "time management". Not just the usual, you have until 12:30 or you'll be in a lunchtime, but to create your own to do list, managing projects, timelines, and it was really difficult. The children really had no idea.

So what did I do?

I spent 10 minutes every morning going through time management. I used google classroom to give the students their tasks at the beginning of the week. They were given all their tasks for the whole week, yes the whole week that they had to get completed. So we sat down each morning and worked out how long each task would take, put them into order of importance and broke down tasks into smaller chunks to make it easier. This gave the children better ownership of their learning because they could choose when they did something. Some found this really hard and more guidance was needed throughout the day, but that's the same as any classroom.


I have a video for you to look at. Some of you may have seen this before, it's a time management video for your students to get them started. This is also part of my 'Dare to Learn Differently Course' that takes you though a step by step process on how to create an innovative classroom.


Also, I have a poster that I am happy for you to use with your kids. If you want a high resolution copy or a printed copy sent to you, check out my shop page. It's the only thing on it at the moment. I'm building…slowly.


Next time I'm going to talk about how I introduced workshops and how the children entered those into the day. 













Click here to purchase the full resolution file

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