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August 29, 2017

Now that my class is working more independently…well most of them, I wanted to be more flexible with my workshops. I look at what the children need to achieve by looking at their assessment rubric or matrix and jot down their next steps. From the information gathered, I set up a workshop on using conjunctions, another using commas, and another on extending ideas. Even though the children are working on an inquiry, they still need to use these concepts in their inquiry writing and I will be looking for them specifically when marking.  I have the children write or type their next steps at the top of their work so I know what they are working on. This is to help with the marking process and remind the children to focus on this intention when completing the task. 


When the children have completed their writing, they link their work to the learning intention on their rubric or matrix. This can be used as evidence for their learning. If their evidence is not in digital form, then you can always use a camera to digitise it. Here's a great way to scan or video the work they have completed.


You can video or photograph straight from your Google Drive on an iPad.


Here's how it is done.




If you want to know more about how to create an innovative learning environment, and this is not just about changing the space and furniture, then sign up to my Innovative Learning Course 'Dare to Learn Differently. Why not try something new?





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